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Welcome to CmSimpleWebsites

Welcome to CmSimpleWebsites where we try to provide you with our best web design we possibly can to get you up and running with your own custom website to stand out from the rest.

Click on the pictures of our templates below or above to download the corresponding template and to also view the online demo. If you do not see on this page one of our free templates to get you started on you new web presence then feel free to click on our Template sections one to three on the menu to the left, their are over seventy templates to choose from. Feel free to change the header picture but sometime this can be tricky to get it perfectly aligned so if you would like your changes e.g. your company name, your logo, custom picture in the header or even a few color changes in the templates for example text, background or border colors, for a small price feel free to contact me and we can work something out so you are 100 percent happy with the template. If you are interested contact me at

CmSimpleWebsites templates can be used by everyone whether you are someone who just wants a homepage, eg. a hobby, a webpage about themselves or family or some interest in SEO so that they are able to be found on the web. It doesn’t matter, cmsimple is the easiest choice to make, if you are a tradesman or corporate business and want a presence on the web but don’t want to pay a huge bill to a web designer then using CmSimpleWebsite templates is an easy cost efficient way to go. All you have to do is buy a license on the Purchase A Licence page on the menu to the left it will only cost you $49 USD to remove the “designed by CmSimpleWebsites” which then gives you the option to use any of CmSimpleWebsites templates on this website with our link removed but only for the domain name you bought the license for, if you create other websites with a different domain name you will have to buy a new license for that domain name.