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Instructions how to install my templates and CMSimple.

  1. First download cmsimple from this website or go to then download the template you would like to install.
  2. Once you have both zip files, you are going to unzip the two files, you can do this by using winzip or winrar or any other of your favorite compression programs.
  3. Once both files are unzipped you will have two folders, one will be a cmsimple folder the other will be the template folder you have chosen.
  4. 4.You now need to upload these folders to your internet Hosting, you can do this by using an FTP program, eg. Filezilla or Ipswitch WS FTP your choice, there are plenty to choose from.
  5. Once you have setup your FTP program and logged in go to the root directory usally in the WWW folder or public_html folder.
  6. Now to upload the cmsimple you need to click on the cmsimple folder and upload the contents inside, there will be five folders and two files to upload to your hosting account root directory.
  7. Now its time to upload the template, first open up the folder called templates on your host, now find the template folder you unzipped using your FTP program, highlight the folder and drag and drop it into the template folder on your host. Now that all the folders and files are on your host its now time to move to the next step.
  8. You now need to open up your browser and type in your domain name ,once open you will see the standard cmsimple template which you will now have to change to the template that you chose and loaded earlier.
  9. You will find a login button on the page click it and the login box will come up, now type the password in which is test don’t worry you can change this password later.
  10. Now once you are logged in a content editor will come up, this is where you create your website by adding your text and pictures, you need to click on the tab that says SETTINGS
  11. Once you have clicked on the settings tab click on Edit Configuration then go to site_template, click on the drop down box and choose the template name you uploaded, now go to the bottom of the page and press Save, the template will now change to the new one and thats pretty much it. Have fun with your new fully working website just add your content.